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One of the most significant aspects in offering a reliable, efficient set of hosting services involves the choice of an appropriate datacenter. But, providing truly stellar-quality hosting requires something special -- a datacenter that not only provides the basics, but leads the industry in quality. Following is a summary of how our datacenter and premium-quality network meet our clients' highest standards.


Each of our VPS, Dedicated and Colocation offerings are based out of Sydney's impressive Global Switch datacenter. Boasting security and technological advancement virtually unparalleled in the Southern Hempishere, utilization of this datacenter provides our clients with the reliability and efficiency they deserve and expect from a premium-quality hosting firm. Just a few specific benefits of this datacenter include:

 Minimum N+1 Redundancy on Power Supplies

Pipe Networks  On-site diesel tanks (360kL) with full-capacity generator fall-back in case of extended power failure.

 State-of-the-art cooling system helps ensure hardware stability. (Temperature in technical space consistently maintained within two degrees of 22oC.

 Sophisticated fire detection and suppression ensures hardware integrity in the case of catastrophic hardware failure.

 Turbo Servers' infrastructure in this facility is linked via ultra-high speed, fibre connection, to our parent company's ( Net Logistics) Servers @ Equinix, promoting network consistency and redundancy across our product line.

 Premium bandwidth based on multiple peering arrangements, ensuring consistent, speedy access to the wider internet.


Providing a high-quality hosting service of course requires more than just high-end servers and an exceptional datacenter -- network quality also plays a major role in the "total hosting experience." Following is a summary of some of they key features of our Network Infrastructure, again demonstrating exceptional quality and reliability:

  Premium bandwidth is provided by Telstra, Optus, MCI/Verizon, Powertel, and Pipe Networks, empowering network redundancy, ensuring extremely low domestic latency, and providing optimal international connectivity.

  Each server is connected to the network at 100 Mbps, ensuring bandwidth bursts are available whenever required. All network wiring is of the highest standard, with proprietary wiring protocols and procedures developed by a professional engineer.

  We use only the highest quality network equipment; routing is accomplished using industry-leading Cisco 7206 VXR routers, and Cisco switches, with completely redundant Cisco router and switch "spares" available for immediate installation in the extremely unlikely event of a catastrophic network hardware failure. Each router provides up to 2 Mpps (millions-of-packets-per-second) routing performance and include integrated multiservice interchange (MIX) functionality.

  Network security is provided by a combination of active system administration and proprietary tools. Market-leading Cisco PIX Security Appliances/Firewalls, available on a per-server basis to dedicated server and colocation clients, deliver extensive user and application policy enforcement, multivector attack protection, and secure connectivity services. You can read more about Cisco PIX Security Appliances/Firewalls, here.
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