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It seems that one of the most common concerns of those acquiring a dedicated hosting solution surrounds the issue of "what happens if a server crashes, and requires physical access?" Although physical access is almost always possible, it is also almost always very expensive to hire the needed technician to perform work on a server that can't be accessed remotely.

Here at Turbo Servers, however, we efficiently resolve this concern by ensuring technician access to dedicated servers is typically required only when hardware needs to be physically replaced. The tool that empowers this massive reduction in expense is commonly known as a DRAC -- a Dell® Remote Access Card.1

Operating on an independent IP address (while still residing within the physical server), DRACs can, among other things: provide alert notification in the case of server faults; enable event traceability via log files; provide remote server access to enable power management, reboots, console redirection and remote floppy boots; use "virtual" CD and floppy media; and even remote OS installations. And, nearly all of this functionality is available even when the physical server itself is down.

Accessing a server via a DRAC is accomplished via a web-based interface, while access to console functions is also possible. In other words, in most circumstances, it's "as good as being there" -- and in some cases even better!

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1 Please note that DRAC 4 cards are installed on all servers with Dell® 850 Chassis, while DRAC 5i cards are installed on our Dell® 1850 and 2950-based servers.

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