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Following is some general information on the Operating System options associated with our VPS and Dedicated Server packages.

VPS Operating System Options

With our VPS platforms, we empower our clients by allowing them to choose the underlying operating system that best suits their particular hosting requirements. These are, in particular, Linux (based off of the CentOS Linux distribution) and Microsoft Windows® Enterprise 2003. While the former is a perfect architecture for applications designed for LAMP-empowered servers, the latter option represents the leading edge OS-of-choice for Windows®-based technologies.

We are also very pleased to provide Debian on our VPS platforms. Given the nature of that distribution, such a choice is best suited for those looking for a "developer-grade" Linux system. Nonetheless, each OS option of course presents its own individual strengths; should you have any questions at all about the most suitable architecture for your specific needs, please be at liberty to contact us.

Dedicated Server OS Options

In addition to each of the options available on our VPS platforms (see above), we provide still further flexibility on the dedicated server side of our hosting packages. Available OS options are:

 CentOS 3 and 4
 Red Hat Enterprise 3 and 4
 Microsoft Windows® Enterprise 2003

And, as is the case with our VPS plans, we welcome you to contact us should you have any questions on which OS platform is most suitable for your needs.

Standard Features of Linux/BSD-based Platforms:

 For Linux-based systems, a complete LAMP environment, with the latest stable versions of Apache, MySQL and PHP. (In the case of BSD, this is a "BAMP" environment.)
 PHP, Perl, Python, and other common development tools are available.
 Support to install Ruby on Rails.
 Wide range of Control Panel Options (typically cPanel, Plesk and Directadmin)
 Full Root Access

Standard Features of Windows®-based Platforms

 IIS Webserver
 Full support for ASP.NET
 Full support for MS SQL Server 2005 Databases
 Administrator Access

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